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03 Sep 2015 
Employee performance review has the advantage in providing the organization a picture of how an employee is doing, his strengths and weaknesses, areas of improvement, trainings needed, career pathing.

However, other individual reviewers in authority make use of it to get even with their constituents who are not on even minds with them. They make it come out as though they've made an honest appraisal of slotemaker amsterdam an employee's performance. While those they like, they put in glossy comments and appraisals that make those targeted employees look good and shiny. When in fact, they aren't.

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03 Sep 2015 
Locks and Lock Picking

Locks range from a stick put through an opening in a tree house door to prevent it from being opened, to tubular locks that provide superior security. There are the pin-and-tumbler locks found in padlocks. A bit easier to pick are wafer-tumbler locks installed in most filing cabinets, lockers, cars, and some padlocks.

Some people are fascinated by the workings of locks, as evidenced by the wealth of information available. To pick a lock, a professional locksmith must understand the workings of various kinds of locks. A good locksmith must develop the sense of touch to be sensitive to the slightest movements of pins and tumblers. Sensitivity and concentration characterize the person whose profession is locksmith.

Lock Picking Center: About Tools of the Trade

Lock picking is the manipulation of a lock's components to open it without a key. Since locks are designed to prevent being opened without a key, lock picking has a certain mystique about it. A delicate operation, lock picking does no damage to any surroundings, if done well.

It is true that a good lock picker can use a screwdriver and paper clip to open some locks. On the other hand, there are lock pick slotenmaker amsterdam west sets used by locksmiths in which the picks are made of tempered stainless steel and come in a range of sizes.

Is It Legal to Carry Lock Picks?

That depends. In some states, it is illegal to carry lock picks. In other states, the law seems to permit carrying "burglar tools," such as, picks, crowbars, and specialty keys, but use of these tools to commit a crime is a crime itself! Possession of these items that might potentially be used in burglaries can be used as evidence against you if you are found in suspicious circumstances.

At least one state appears to make these tools illegal if they can work vehicle locks. The laws pertaining to possession of lock pick tools are often in the context of discussing burglary, vehicles, or locksmith regulations. Unless you are a licensed locksmith, you could be asking for trouble by carrying locksmith's tools. Determine the applicable laws in your area and state, and determine the laws that apply to your circumstances, whether you are a locksmith, repossession worker, or building maintenance worker.

Going Into Business

Getting training is easy

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02 Sep 2015 
TOKYO, March 1 Kyodo

Prosecutors demanded 18 years in prison Tuesday for a locksmith charged with killing freelance journalist Satoru Someya, who was planning to publish a book which might have hurt the locksmith's public image.

The deliberations on the case were concluded at the Tokyo District Court with the defense counsel requesting a lenient sentence. The court said it will hand down a ruling to Keizo Sakurai, 43, on April 18.

Sakurai, conspiring with his accomplices, confined Someya, 38, in a condominium in Tokyo and elsewhere on Sep. 6, 2003, after he had money trouble over the book Someya previously wrote which advertised Sakurai's locks, according to the closing documents.

They stabbed the journalist to death early in the morning the following day on a boat in Tokyo Bay as they thought the book he was preparing to publish would hurt the locksmith's reputation.

''The crime is extremely cruel and brutal, taking time in killing (Someya) to make him feel the horror of death for slotemaker amsterdam a long time,'' the prosecutors said as they demanded the sentence.

The accomplices include diver Yoshihiro Kumamoto, 32, who is on trial separately.

Someya, who reported for various magazines and wrote under the pen name of Kuragaki Kashiwabara, covered the activities of criminal gangs in Tokyo's Kabukicho red-light district as well as the lock industry amid an outbreak of lock-picking burglaries in Tokyo and other parts of Japan.

COPYRIGHT 2005 Kyodo News International, Inc.

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright 2005 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

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02 Sep 2015 
THE secrets of Britain's entire defence systems were at MarkRoughsedge's fingertips.

As a Ministry of Defence-approved locksmith he had to service their huge combination locked safes from the Home Counties to RAF Valley.

But before he was allowed near them he had to be vetted by police and security officials.

'In those days mechanically operated deur openen safes had to be serviced,'said Mark from Colwyn Bay who has been a Master Locksmith for 36 years.

Now, he says the business is changing fast. Electronic locks, magnetic safes, digital security systems have replaced the old style locks but skill and high levels of training are still needed.

He has a workshop in Colwyn Bay, travels throughout North Wales and has contracts in Liverpool and Manchester

What is the work like? Locksmiths install, sell and service locks and other security devices.

They have an important role in ensuring the security of homes, cars and businesses against burglary and other crimes. They replace lost keys and repair damaged security devices. What areas do they cover? Locksmiths cut keys, making keys to fit locks, fitting locks to doors and windows, repairing and maintaining security systems, supplying and fitting access control devices such as push button or swipe card door entry.

They provide a 24-hour call out to people locked out of their cars, homes or businesses and advise on security measures needed."

Who would I work for? Locksmiths interact with a large range of people. They may work for individuals or for companies. They may work alone or with a small team.

They could be installing security for large companies or for wealthy landowners. A lot of the work is practical using a wide range of tools.

They must be able to spot security weaknesses and advise on a course of action. What are the working conditions? Full-time locksmiths work approximately 40 hours a week.

They could be based at a shop, or travel to meet customers on site.

In a shop they may have to work evenings or weekends and if they offer a 24-hour call out they should be able to cover certain nights. What would I earn? A trainee can expect about pounds 10,000 a year rising to pounds 14,000.

A fully qualified self-employed locksmith would earn in excess of pounds 20,000 a year. What skills and personal qualities would I need?

You must be trustworthy, have a high level of dexterity, problemsolving skills and be able to communicate with confidence and be able to gain the trust of your customer.

You must be patient and pay attention to detail, be good at maths and adapt to new techniques. Where do I train? Currently there are no accredited schemes directly concerned with locksmithing. However there are training courses provided by the British Locksmiths Institute, which are recognised throughout the industry.

They range from school leavers' courses to advanced locksmithing which take place at the institute headquarters in Daventry.

Individuals can apply for student membership without prior experience. They have a threeyear study course to become an advanced student. There are further examinations to gain Full, Fellow and Master status

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02 Sep 2015 
Although a burglar forces his way into your home when it is empty, home invaders force their way into your home when they know you are in it. Recently, a group of men invaded the home of an unfortunate Baltimore couple and robbed them.

To protect yourself against a similar misfortune, dont give criminals a financial motive for invading your home:

1. If you trust the security of gold and silver more than the security of the dollar, keep most of your gold and silver in a bank safe deposit box.

2. If you decide to keep valuables such as gold, silver, money, or diamonds in your home, you and your family should tell nobody about this wealth or where it is located.

3. To avoid being followed home by potential home intruders, do not be ostentatious in your public display of or description of your prepper equipment or supplies.

4. To make your house or apartment less vulnerable to a home invasion take these actions:

1. When you move into a house or apartment, change the locks.

2. To assure the integrity of the locksmith, check with the Better Business Bureau for a locksmith who has been bonded, insured, and well established for years in the community.

3. To prevent being followed into your parking slotemaker amsterdam garage by another driver who has no swipe card, when you drive into the parking garage, stop just past the grate until it comes down again.

4. Dont buzz anyone into your building until you hear and recognize his voice.

5. A single woman should have her mailbox labeled with the initial of her first name along with her complete last name.

6. When you are ready to unlock your door, make sure nobody is close enough to you to push you into your house or apartment, to follow you in, and to close and lock the door.

7. Upon entering your home, develop the habit of immediately locking your door.

8. Some of the methods of preventing a burglary will also make your home less vulnerable to a home invasion.

9. Consider constructing a safe room in your home.

A home invasion is even more traumatic than a burglary. To keep the security you feel in your home, take reasonable precautions to avoid a home invasion.

Do you know of anyone who has suffered a home invasion? Please comment below.

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